Deciphering Dressings

*The information provided in this blog is not medical advice and is not intended to, and does not replace, the advice provided by your healthcare professional. Always seek advice from your licensed healthcare professional in regards to your healthcare needs.

How do you know if you’ve picked the absolutely best wound dressing alternative? Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose medical supplies and know exactly which material is right for you. We’ve shared before criteria you may wish to use when selecting a wound dressing, but you may not be aware of the variety of dressing options available to you, just through the Hollister Wound Care family of products alone.

We’ve put together a quick and easy reference guide to our wound care products most commonly used by EB families. If you’d like to learn more about a particular dressing, just click on the name’s link for more details. 

Restore Contact Layer FLEX Dressings
Some of our most recently released dressings, they feature a flexible mesh and gentle tack to make it easier to apply them to hard-to-wrap areas. The dressings, which incorporate TRIACT® Technology, are highly conformable, non-adherent and ultra flexible, and they maintain a moist wound interface.

Restore Contact Layer Dressings
Contact Layer Dressings can be best used with low to moderate exuding wounds, and though most EB families change dressings daily or every other day, these particular dressings may be worn for up to seven days. It is always recommended that you follow the guidance of your physician with regard to frequency of dressing changes. Because of its TRIACT technology and non-adhesive, non-greasy nature, the dressings can be removed easily and virtually pain-free, which makes them suitable for wounds with fragile surrounding skin. An alternative dressing, Restore Contact Layer with Silver, may be useful for reducing infection for wounds with low to moderate exudates as silver releases while the dressing absorbs the exudates. Early research shows that continuous silver release may sustain antibacterial activity for up to seven days. However, patients should check with their doctor before using a product like this, which contains silver sulfate, to prevent any adverse reaction due to sensitivity or allergy.

Restore Foam Dressings and LITE Foam Dressings
These super-absorbent dressings, which now feature TRIACT ADVANCED Technology, may be helpful for patients facing chronic wounds with light to heavy exudate (LITE Foam Dressings.) and moderate to heavy exudate (standard Foam Dressings), as well as wounds with fragile surrounding skin. As exudate passes through a contact layer into the foam pad, the wound drains vertically and surrounding skin is protected from excessive softening. Unlike some other dressings that may need changing daily or every other day, these may be left in place up to 7 days depending on the nature of the wound and its healing status. Again, you should always consult your physician with regard to appropriate frequency of wound dressing changes. Another foam dressing alternative is the Restore Foam Dressing with Silver which may help reduce infection in wounds with moderate to heavy exudates. (As the exudate is absorbed into the dressing, silver is released. In vitro studies indicate that continuous silver release may sustain antibacterial activity for up to a week.) Individuals should not use if they are sensitive or could have an allergic reaction to a silver-lined dressing. 

Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings
These unique dressings offer high absorbency and less residue than other calcium alginate dressings, leaving a cleaner surface area when removed than similar dressings available. Because of their advanced fiber makeup, they require less frequent changing, though patients and caregivers should follow their physician’s guidelines. An optional dressing, Restore Calcium Alginate Silver, is also available and contains an ionic silver complex, which releases silver ions in the presence of wound fluid to fight odor and bacteria; however, individuals must use caution if they may be sensitive to or have an allergic reaction to this dressing with silver.

If you have any questions about these Hollister Wound Care products or about selecting a wound dressing in general, I’m always happy to help. Just email me at