Social Media and Support

It has been amazing to see the online EB community grow as much as it has over the past 5+ years. I have watched social media evolve into a means through which we can educate and raise awareness, a feed to interact and communicate and a bridge to minimize distance and connect people. Though EB is still considered a rare disease, our ability to link to one another quickly and on a timely basis about the subject makes the world feel a little less vast. 
It was just over six years ago that we first launched the EB Resource blog as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. At the time, we set out to reach anyone directly impacted by epidermolysis bullosa to provide a place where they could turn to gather information about important resources available to EB patients and their families. We also hoped to begin growing a support network comprised of those profoundly touched by what they learned about EB, people who wanted to do something because of this awareness.
Across the social media universe, we have seen the power of connection and what it can do in all types of communities — whether it is groups of people joined because of a shared cause or concern, like interests or circumstances or a common mission. We have seen the reach of a community’s commitment to retweet and spread information within our own feeds during EB Resource’s annual tweet-a-thon held each October during EB Awareness Week. But we know there is always more we can do here to help facilitate a supportive environment and avenues for members of the EB community to connect. And that’s where we need your help.
As we continue to build the community in the new year, we hope to include other voices and resources we discover along the way and we want you to reach out to introduce them to us. Also, if there are topics or areas of interest you would like to see covered so we can add more value to the blog or create greater opportunities to interact across our Twitter and Facebook pages, we want to hear those ideas from you. Email me at Help us make 2017 an even better year for connecting for the members of our community. Thank you in advance for helping us to do that.

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