A Year of Highlights

As all of us wrap up projects and prepare to bring this year to a close, it can be helpful to look back. We can use the occasion to celebrate favorite memories and victories, reflect on losses and the lessons we took away from them and look ahead to a new year and all that it may promise.



This has been a year marked by milestones and often some big surprises – in the world of technology, science, entertainment, even sports and politics. We had some big moments for the EB community this year. In February, Rare Diseases Day, an international day for bringing greater awareness to rare diseases and with which EB organizations around the world gets involved, had its biggest day ever. New countries took part and more organizations were involved than ever before, and any time greater attention is paid to rare diseases afflicting families among us, this sheds more light on epidermolysis bullosa, too. It was a great victory. It will be wonderful to see what new attention can be garnered in just a few months when the international day of events and campaigns launch again.


Specific to the EB community, 2016 marked the return of debra of America’s conference renamed the Debra Care Conference, and there was great turnout! Once again, the event featured many terrific guest speakers and opportunities for EB families to learn, share and interact. Debra also had another successful showing at its annual benefit in October which took place just before the start of 2016 EB Awareness Week. It’s great to see more families taking the opportunity to launch their own awareness campaigns and fundraising events during this time.


In our conversations at work and play and online in our social media circles, many of us have remarked how 2016 has been a rough year in terms of loss. We lost so many of our childhood icons and favorite entertainers this year. In the EB community, when we experience a loss, it is deeply personal for any of us who have experienced that ourselves as well as for those who have been intricately involved in EB research, fundraising and caregiving. To our EB families who have been personally touched by loss at home this year, our network of support offers its heartfelt condolences as you move forward into this new year. We know how difficult it will be for you, and we will continue to be there for you every step of the way and encourage you to stay connected to the EB community and as involved as ever, continuing to champion the cause for better treatments, more research and greater support for our families. I know it is a lot to ask, but we as a community are stronger because of every one of us who brings their dedication and commitment to the cause. All of us need each other in this community and that couldn’t be more critical than it is right now.


None of us can predict what the new year will hold but I look forward to more opportunities to interact with the families and individuals who make up the EB community. I wish you all a beautiful holiday season and a very happy new year.

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