Sounds of the Season in Our Community


What sounds brighten up your holidays? For us, it’s any number of things – the sound of children laughing or that sudden excited hush that overtakes little ones as they unwrap a gift or lose themselves in the joy and discovery of trying out a new toy or game they’ve just received.


We also love hearing the harmony of voices coming together to work toward the greater good of a common cause. Some collaborative efforts may develop organically when two like-minded individuals or organizations find they share the same vision, excitement and desire to make something happen; and yet other partnerships can result completely by accident once different parties realize the power of two versus one and that they can better serve their beneficiaries teaming up and pooling resources.


Think about your own circle of close friends and family and who falls within that circle, and then extend beyond that tight-knit group and consider the next circle – your co-workers, your neighbors, your children’s classmates and their families – and then go outward one more circle to those you may have met through EB Resource or another EB-focused community or nonprofit, quickly learning that you shared a deep understanding of what day-to-day life is like when facing EB. As you picture this great big series of circles within other circles, consider this question: how can you bring some of those voices, some of those completely separate circles, together in a very real, natural and beneficial way for those living with EB, because there is one very important factor the people who comprise these circles all have in common… you.


So at this time of year when we’re jingling bells, spinning dreidels, and many of us are scrambling for gift ideas as well as ways to give back or support others at the holidays in some way, take a few moments to consider the sounds of the season which chime about togetherness, cooperation and kindness, and listen more closely to the voices that make up your world, your various communities and circles, and the messages they share on a daily basis. This season can be the perfect time to introduce ourselves as we prepare and set our minds toward a bright, positive new year.

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