EB and the New School Year

With a new school year just weeks around the corner for some, we thought it would be a good time to compile some back-to-school pointers for our families in the community as well as pull together past blog links that offer advice for educating others unfamiliar with EB.

For the youngest students, that first day of class can be both intimidating and exciting, but they take on added stress not knowing how others will react when they learn about a student with EB and the challenges he/she faces.

Staff writers at Junior magazine put together this helpful list of back-to-school tips that can be useful to all families but particularly for those whose children may feel a little reluctant or frightened to leave the safety of mom or dad’s side. “First-day nerves: Back-to-school advice for your child

Katherine Lee also offers suggestions for ways to make the often daunting experience far less nerve-wracking with her article “Tips to Ease Back to School Anxiety.

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children lists some tips for families who are specifically concerned about how to coordinate their child’s school attendance while taking into consideration chronic health conditions in a school environment in Dr. Renee Turchi’s piece “Managing Chronic Health Conditions at School.

Here on the EB Resource blog we have also offered some advice in the past that was specific to EB parents looking for ways to connect with teachers and other school personnel, their child’s classmates and families. So you may wish to review some of these past blogs for other tips for helping your child adjust to the classroom environment and for explaining to others about EB to support everyone’s comfort and understanding of the topic.

Do any parents out there have their own suggestions they’d like to add? We certainly welcome your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or on our Facebook page. And thanks, as always, for reading and for joining in on the conversation!

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