Supporting EB Moms This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This is often a time when children and spouses pull out all the stops to show they care. For moms of children with EB, being a mom carries a whole different set of challenges and stresses.

We thought this would be a great opportunity to offer some supportive suggestions to those who may know an EB mom personally and want to remember them at the holiday. Remembering her with a present is nice but helping her find a way to use the gift and enjoy it may take some extra effort on your part. Remove any guilt she may feel for allocating time to herself by making your present stress-free. Here are some gift ideas that may offer a small lift of spirits and demonstrate you care.

  • Offer A Fresh Idea. Consider fresh-baked goods, a fresh fruit arrangement or fresh flowers. All moms (and some dads, too) can find themselves running around as they manage multiple lives’ daily routines, but it can be a wonderful pick-me-up to receive a reminder from a good friend or co-worker to stop for a moment and savor something new, fresh and handpicked.
  • Encourage Downtime. Everyone knows that devoted moms tend to forget to take a little time for themselves. It’s not always easy to carve out personal time, but perhaps a reminder like a gift card for downloadable music for her mp3 player or downloadable books for an e-reader is a thoughtful way to say ‘it’s okay for you to steal away for a few moments, too.'
  • Lend a Hand. One thing that can be difficult for EB moms is finding a window of opportunity to step away from the house and run errands. Offer to fill in at a set time on the same day weekly for a month (or more) as a gift that truly keeps on giving.
  • Rejuvenate. The idea of a day of pampering whether it’s a much needed replenishing of one’s mind and body at a spa or a simple afternoon getting a manicure may sound attractive to a hard-working mother. To an EB mom, it may be just what she needs in that stressful moment to catch herself from overworking herself so hard she jeopardizes her own health, restfulness and clarity.
  • Whisk Away. What better way to step away for a few moments than a night out for dinner and a movie with a good friend or a special afternoon shopping, taking in a local attraction or simply lounging by the community clubhouse pool with a friend and a good book. Chat with a spouse or family member about relieving mom of her responsibilities for a short period of time and snag her for a little fun time away from home to catch up and unwind.

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