Words from the Community

The members of our EB Resource Facebook community are always offering valuable insight into the lives of those personally facing epidermolysis bullosa or caring for someone who is. Recently, we listened in to hear what members are talking about most and are sharing some of the highlights from the community, in case you missed them.

A lot of information gets communicated every day on Facebook and it’s very easy for helpful suggestions or supporting words to slip by without your knowledge. We want to encourage you to stop by our Facebook page on a regular basis and let your voice be heard within the community on those subjects, popping by with a question or commenting about whatever you feel most passionate.

** Please note that comments and recommendations are offered by individual members of the EB Resource Facebook community and are not necessarily recommended or endorsed by EB Resource. Individuals should always consult a physician before making any changes to their wound care program or other care regimens.

  • We always like to pose questions to our community members to get their perspective on a variety of topics. In February, we asked EB Bloggers what personal benefits they’ve gained by being a regular blogger. Derra Nicole Sabo shared that for her, the benefits are two-fold: “Being able to not only help others, but to connect with other EBers.” If you’re an EB blogger, how would you answer that question? It’s not too late to share your thoughts here. We appreciate what EB bloggers do to encourage interaction among the EB community and spread the word outside of our immediate circle of those directly impacted. By being a loud, steady voice online that keeps conversation about EB flowing, you provide an invaluable service that can indirectly support us all.
  • Earlier this year, we featured a two-part Q&A with Jennifer Gorzelany, a consultant to Shire (formerly Lotus Tissue Repair) who answered questions about the EBCare Registry. In late January, one member of the community, Sue Altinkeser, commented that there may be confusion among community members about who should actually take part in registering their family’s data: “People are thinking if they are not dystrophic then it’s nothing to do with them…it may be easier to re-word the registry so all are comfortable in adding their data.” In response to the concern she expressed, we reached out to Lotus and tried to clarify for members what the group’s expressed mission is. EB Resource commented: “The goal of the EBCare Patient Registry is to help all individuals with EB. It is important that the registry collects information from people with all forms of EB, so that as much data about EB is available to qualified researchers as possible. Lotus Tissue Repair is currently working on a treatment for DEB. In the future, however, Lotus Tissue Repair and other companies or researchers may use the information in the registry to study other forms of EB, hopefully leading to improvements in care and the development of new treatments. Every EB patient can help with this effort by joining!”
  • Some members have found Facebook to be a helpful site to reach out for information or share news about an upcoming campaign or event. Rochi Orbegoso Pea introduced herself and daughter Raquel in November 2012 and their plans to launch an EB awareness campaign at her daughter’s school. Rochi was seeking a speaker at the time for an upcoming event, and we offered to send information on some prospective speakers in her area. Aaron Mavro let members know about a short film competition and his video entry focused on a talented young painter named Kate who has EB and serves as an ambassador for DebRA. Aaron shared the link so members could watch online and vote. Are there any upcoming events, campaigns or efforts you can share with the community and to which members can lend their support and encouragement in some way?
  • Members of our community let their voices be heard in other ways on our Facebook page by letting us know what stories touch them most. We are always fascinated to see which stories receive the most “likes.” For example, some of you were pleased to learn about a southern Indiana high school who found a way to turn a much-anticipated conference game into an opportunity to educate audience members about EB. Others of you were inspired to “like” a story about 11-year-old Molly Gibbons whose fearlessness and boisterous personality are bigger than her petite frame. We wanted to make sure that we gave everyone advance notice of Rare Disease Day, held February 28, by sending out a reminder two weeks earlier in an update. Several of you indicated that you appreciated the early notice with a “like.” And when we featured part one of a special virtual conversation with EB advocate Jamie Silver of Jackson Gabriel Silver Foundation, you not only told us you liked it: you shared it with your other Facebook friends and we always love to see that!

We love hearing from you…however you choose to speak up in the EB Resource community. So join in the conversation and let your voice be heard, because we welcome it!

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