Gifts to the Community

We couldn’t have put together a more diverse group of people to celebrate this month who are making a difference in the EB community. Each one that we note has found a way to use their unique talents to touch the lives of those diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa and their families. So in the spirit of the season, we thank them for what they have delivered and encourage them and others to keep sharing their gifts with all of us.

  • Eddie Vedder and wife Jill McCormick
    Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, is used to having fans gush about his music but he gained a new following when he and his wife Jill coordinated a special concert to benefit Heal EB, for which she serves as a member of the board of directors. We appreciate big voices lending their talents to bring attention to something that many in the world may still not be familiar with. So thank you, Eddie and Jill, for all you do to spread the word and make others aware of our community and in particular, the need for medical research funding.
  • Oualid Haddad
    Congratulations to this EB researcher on recent recognition as he received the Mitacs Postdoctoral Award for Outstanding Research Achievement. You are probably not familiar with Haddad’s name, but the University of Guelph postdoctoral fellow from the Department of Integrative biology has been hard at work with innovative research which could indirectly play an important role in the future of EB research. During his fellowship, Haddad was involved in the construction of a unique device that led to the development of a motorized incubator which enables researchers to study how live cells respond to large-scale mechanical strain, giving them the potential to observe live cells at the microscope over multiple days, something that could be of particular interest to EB researchers across the country. For more information about Haddad’s award, click here.
  • Organizers of DEBRA International Congress 2012
    Earlier this year, I shared my comments about this year’s DEBRA International Congress 2012 event in a blog discussing the event’s highlights, but I wanted to take this moment to recognize the efforts of the group who put on such an informative and valuable event. This year’s DEBRA chair was Gena Brumitt, who serves as president for DEBRA Canada and as a vice-treasurer on the executive committee for DEBRA International. Dr. Elena Pope chaired the medical portion of the conference and is medical director of the EB Clinic for Sick Children which is affiliated with the University of Toronto. These women and a fantastic team put together a memorable event that gave attendees real insight into the direction of medical research related to improved treatments and the search for a cure for epidermolysis bullosa. For more information about this year’s event, visit

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