Second-Chance Blogs

Our year is winding to a close, and we’ve had an opportunity to blog about a wide variety of topics throughout the year. We also have had a chance to introduce our community to some special people who were kind enough to share their EB story and what they are doing to make a difference to expand awareness, raise funding for research and improved treatments, connect people in the EB community to one another — or in some cases, all three!

We know we can get busy and spend time away from our favorite blogs and Facebook pages, so we wanted to take this time to share some links to our favorite blogs we presented throughout the whole year. Think of it as a second chance, in case you missed the update the first time around. And if you did read it and enjoyed what you saw, consider sharing it with a friend or even re-reading.

And thank you to the following people who allowed us to share their own EB story or special connection to the EB community through their organizations. The links to these two-part conversations have been included, as well.

We’re excited about a new year ahead – new things to learn and share, new topics to cover and new conversations to hold with other valuable voices in the EB community. We always welcome ideas for future blog topics, so if you have any you’d like to suggest for 2013, please email We love hearing from you!

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