Special Care Deserves Special Thanks

Has someone been a big help to your family? Let them know.

Last week was Thanksgiving, and we certainly hope that everyone had a beautiful, peaceful holiday with their family and friends. This time of year can leave us darting from one store to another and completing one task to the next on our lengthier than usual to-do lists. We wanted to remind everyone that in addition to being thankful for our loved ones, it is also a wonderful time to remember those who pay special care and attention to look after the safety and well-being of our greatest treasures of all — our kids.

Many parents of children diagnosed with EB are often their own child’s caregiver and handle much of the daily care routines, such as bathing, bandaging and meal preparation, but there are some families who may employ the support of a part-time or full-time caregiver or who turn to other members of the family or close friends to help in a number of ways to provide support and care. We know it’s so easy to lose sight of just how important this added support is, particularly when as a mom or dad, your only areas of focus for your child diagnosed with EB are their safety, comfort and happiness. And when it comes to these supporting figures – whether they are registered or trained medical personnel or simply loving, caring friends or family members who want to lend a hand – the value of what they do for you and your child is immeasurable.

So we say why not surprise them now with a token of your appreciation for all they do? After all, isn’t Thanksgiving the perfect occasion to express this gratitude? Don’t worry that the official “Turkey Day” was last week. Your message and your thankfulness will ring through loudest of all falling between two of the busiest and most distracting holidays all year.

Think about the member or members of your care support team for your child — do they have any particular hobbies or interests, favorite products you know they’ll enjoy or a place they’ve mentioned wanting to try for dinner, a manicure or a spa treatment? Maybe they’ve talked about a new book they want to read or how they don’t get an opportunity to go to the movies like they did before. This could be the ideal time to tell them thank you in a uniquely personal way that lets them know that you don’t take for granted what they do to help you and your child. In the process, you are offering that special person a chance for a little down-time and de-stressing, especially important to someone in such a stressful line of work or who has taken on added responsibilities to show their support for you and your family.

Have any of our community members done something like this to show their caregivers or other support resources appreciation? If so, tell us how you remembered them and what their reaction was. We’d love to hear from you.


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