Fun and Safety This Halloween

It takes planning and forethought for EB families to enjoy Halloween traditions.



For EB families, the Halloween traditions of dressing up and trick-or-treating are as much a staple of the fun holiday as for other families. However, friends and family members may not realize that it can take a little more planning and forethought than just picking out a costume or a bag of candy to ensure safety and comfort for children with EB. Now is a great time to share with others who may be taking part or contributing to your Halloween celebration what goes into the decision-making of EB families.


Costume Choices
Good friends or family members might ask if they can pitch in to help with this very important element of the holiday, but it’s important to remind them that when selecting a costume or putting one together, choice of materials is key. Look for soft, non-abrasive textures that won’t rub against sensitive skin and materials free from scratchy zippers or elastic. In place of plastic masks or other potentially aggravating accessories, create gentler, less scratchy alternatives using softer materials like cotton, felt and fleece. Similarly, comfortable footwear with added padding is so critical for young trick-or-treaters who wish to go from house to house. Some families find it helpful to incorporate decorated transportation into the Halloween celebration using padded wagons, bicycles and golf carts to allow kids a convenient way to rest their tired feet and avoid blistering.


Candy and Sweets
Even candy selections and other Halloween snacks and treats during the holidays require careful consideration. EB families may find it helpful to stick with smooth, moist sweets that don’t scratch the throat or create the potential for adhering to gums and teeth. For parties, incorporate healthy snacks with smooth edges like peeled apple chunks, grapes, olives and mushrooms and soft, more fluid desserts using puddings, gelatins and cream fillings. Avoid candies with pointy edges, rough surfaces or that feature caramel or gummy centers to opt for smoother, easier-to-swallow options.


In your own experience, what have you found helpful for ensuring a comfortable Halloween experience for your child? We’d love to hear from you and welcome your suggestions for costumes, accessories, footwear, party food, candy and general trick-or-treating safety tips.


We wish all of the families a fun, safe Halloween tomorrow night and can’t wait to hear all about it. And be sure to share pictures, too!


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