Blogging with Purpose

We’ve talked about blogging before and how powerful it can be as a tool to connect and educate people. In fact, earlier this year, we offered some suggestions for questions you may want to ask yourself before you a launch a new blog. In the past couple of years, we have pleasantly watched the EB blogging community grow rapidly. More and more families and individuals living with EB continue to find the tool immensely useful for linking directly with others who can relate to their daily challenges and support one another through what can often be a confusing and tough road to navigate.

Maybe you’ve already launched your blog and it has served primarily as a daily diary of sorts or perhaps you are still figuring out how you will use it. One of the most important decisions you can make is determining what will be the purpose of your blog.

  • Information
    Are you looking to offer readers a place they can visit to find answers to their questions or hear from someone who understands what their daily challenges are? Some bloggers use their new platform to share links to helpful resources that they have uncovered and want others to know about.
  • Opinion
    Do you hope to save others time and money by avoiding costly consumer mistakes you have made? Are you presenting a sound board to vocalize your views and welcome others to chime in about care issues like EB treatments, research trials and insurance challenges? In the EB community, you will find some bloggers who like to share their reviews about effective (and not so effective) wound care supplies, EB-friendly clothing and household products they come across and their firsthand experiences using them.
  • Connection
    Will you be using the blog to promote other bloggers in the community as much as to feature your own content? With the use of blogrolls, which list as many bloggers as you’d like to share with readers, you can help spread the word about other people your visitors should be following. In this way, your own blog can become a potential bridge to bring members of the EB community together who otherwise may never have crossed paths or been introduced.
  • Inspiration
    Can you use your blog to encourage followers in some way? Whether it’s persevering through what may sometimes feel like insurmountable obstacles or urging followers to carry through with plans to launch their own fundraiser, awareness event or campaign, do you see yourself serving a supportive role with your readers? As a blogger, you can use your blog to inspire a change in attitude and spirit, directly and indirectly, and even motivate others to take action. Maybe you’ll set out to lighten the mood with amusing or inspiring words and pictures, offer upbeat news and ideas to raise spirits, or spur activism in the heart of followers.

What purpose will your blog serve? It’s not an easy question but one that you will want to take the time to answer so your blog best reflects who you are and what you intend for your blog to be in the eyes of your readers.

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