Travel Tips for EB Families

Summer can a be a great time for families to reconnect on vacation as they travel to visit faraway family and friends or experience unfamiliar places, creating memories along the way. But for an EB family, traveling can present some challenges. If you are gearing up for summer travel, we offer a few tips for being as ready as possible to handle anything that comes up and minimize the stress.

  • Be prepared. Most likely, you’ve gathered some essentials into a personal wound care “emergency kit” that you already travel with. This is the perfect time to restock any supplies in your kit so you are ready for any kind of skin emergency that may come up.
  • Pack generously. This can be a sweltering time of year wherever you may be traveling but especially here in the U.S. Have back-up shirts and other apparel handy so wet clothing can be replaced if necessary to prevent any potential friction caused by damp garments.
  • Wear dark colors. According to the Centers for Disease Control, wearing darker clothing instead of light-colored apparel can be more protective of the skin against UV radiation. By sticking with these darker shades, the family has a greater chance of warding off the dangers of the sun to delicate skin.
  • Remember your other friendly sun protectors! Make sure you pack the wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, long-sleeved loose-fitting shirts, umbrellas and other coverings to keep dangerous UV rays at bay. Be especially careful to bring along coverings to protect fragile parts of the skin like ear lobes and the scalp.
  • BYOB – bring your own bedding. For many EB patients, a comfortable sleep depends on an extra soft pillowcase and pillow, as well as extremely soft sheets or blankets that sooth the skin without scratching. If you are driving to your destination, packing these extra bedding supplies shouldn’t be too difficult. Think ahead about this very important daily activity and ensuring that your loved one is comfortable when coming down from the busy vacation day’s events.
  • Stock up on EB-friendly snacks and drinks. Nothing is worse than being in the middle of nowhere and having few choices for those who depend on soft and smooth foods and drinks that won’t scratch a tender throat, tongue or gums. Depending on what shopping options will be available at your locale, you may want to supply yourself with a good variety of healthy and EB-friendly foods and beverages. If traveling by car, pack a cooler or two, to ensure that you’ll always have something handy to munch on or sip.
  • Pace yourself. If you have any control over your travel schedule at all, give yourself ample downtime between making visits and going to attractions. Both caregivers and your loved one will appreciate some time to relax and re-charge. Don’t overbook yourself too much.

Do you have some travel tips of your own? We welcome your input and ideas. Please share!


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