Planning Your EB Awareness Week Fundraiser

EB Awareness Week is just three weeks away, but it’s not too late for you to get things in order for some kind of an EB awareness event and fundraiser at your school, workplace or in your neighborhood. Next week, we’ll share details about those events we know about across the country. Please email us to tell us about your own event so we can mention it in our blog. Just email me at

In the meantime, here are some tips for pulling off a successful EB Awareness event and a few suggestions.

  • Develop an online campaign. Through tools like Facebook Causes and, you have the ability to share valuable knowledge about EB, a subject many of your friends, classmates or co-workers may not know much about, and you also have the means to raise funds for an EB-related organization or local family that you wish to support. Don’t forget that each of your friends has their own group of friends and by encouraging your network to share word of your campaign among their own circles, you can expand the reach of your event even further. Here are some strategies to keep in mind when working with social media applications like Facebook Causes from the Nonprofit Technology Network.
  • Think small and practical. Consider approaching your school or Y about doing a bake sale or healthy treat sale during EB Awareness week and include literature about EB packaged with every purchased treat. Sell bouquets of ribbon-tied lollipops and include a scrolled up note about EB, directing them to the DebRA website for more info. Hold a yard sale or ask neighbors if they’d like to join in a block or community yard sale on the weekend to collectively donate proceeds to an EB-related cause and have information flyers handy. Ask for your school or workplace’s permission to hold a Jeans Day, where participants donate a dollar for EB to get the opportunity to dress casually. It’s a great way to spread the word about EB across a large group of people and raise funds easily.
  • Find businesses in the area for potential partnering. If you’ve already established a good relationship with your hair salon or a neighborhood restaurant or store, approach the business owner about partnering on a fundraiser. You would promote their business to your network a particular day or evening encouraging people to patronize their business and in turn, the business would agree to donate a pre-set portion of proceeds to your cause and allow you to have information or a booth available on the premises on the day of the fundraiser.
  • Reach out through smaller community publications. It never hurts to reach out to traditional media like your city newspaper or an area television station, especially if you’re trying to publicize a fundraiser at a local business. But don’t forget community publications like a subdivision’s monthly newsletter, a school newsletter or weekly community newspaper. Many families read these publications religiously and may be more likely to see your important message there than in the larger, traditional media outlets.

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  1. Bravo Leslie! This is great stuff!

  2. Thanks so much for for including FirstGiving among your resources for EB awareness fundraising.

    I think you stated it so well that online fundraising is about reaching your extended network of friends and family, and reaching your extended network effectively triples your fundraising potential. FirstGiving pages do have built-in share features to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo! and other social spaces where people socialize online.

    Feel free to take a look at our FAQs in the support or community forum sections if you have further questions:

    Good luck with your EB Awareness Week fundraising! Let us know how you did by tweeting us!

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