Safe Celebrating This Holiday Season

Any parent wants to ensure their child’s safety during the holidays. After all, children tend to be around the house more during winter break so more opportunities to play can mean greater potential to get injured if enthusiastic playtime gets a little out of hand. And of course, many families travel for the holidays too, so being in unfamiliar places requires planning ahead and taking extra precaution for your family member with EB.

  • Think soft and be prepared when planning holiday travel.
    If you’ll be spending a good deal of time on the road driving to relatives for family celebrations, remember to pack additional soft blankets in the car. Don’t forget to bring your basic wound care supplies just in case you need to wrap an opened wound or drain a blister.
  • Bring your own bedding.
    If you’ll be staying at a family member’s home, be sure to pack soft sheets (i.e. jersey knit sheets) and additional blankets for a more comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Educate family gift-givers beforehand of special EB needs and consideration.
    Be sure to let others know the kinds of materials that work best for those with EB (namely, soft, stretchable cotton knit without any kind of special embroidery, appliqués, snaps, buttons or zippers). Also, remind shoppers to avoid sharp-edged toys that can be difficult for children with more severe wounds or blisters to handle or play with.
  • Always bring along extra hand sanitizer in your bags.
    An EB patient must ensure that any wound care is done in a sterile, sanitary environment so pack an extra hand sanitizer or two so you have one wherever you need it. With so many people around at one time, lots of physical contact through hugging, gift exchanging and handling of dishes and other objects by multiple people, there’s a greater risk for the transmission of germs. Be ready for them.
  • Pack iron-rich and protein-rich snacks.
    Keeping up optimum iron levels is especially crucial for those EB family members suffering from anemia, so pack small bags of nuts or dried fruit for that extra boost of iron. And since travel can get tiring, it also may help to pack protein-rich goodies like mozzarella cheese sticks or instant breakfast flavored packets to be added to milk (provided they’re not lactose-intolerant).

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